Sunday Ideas Is Moving …

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Sunday Ideas is moving back to Google Sites. Please update your bookmarks. This website will no longer be maintained.




Multiple Intelligences and Magnet Ideas

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I hope school start up has gone well for everyone.  I recently had a UDL/Multiple Intelligences PD day. So you will find this version of Sunday Ideas was inspired by that. As well, you may notice I’m working on my magnet unit plan. 🙂


Edmonton folks – you can get noise busters from Princess Auto! When they go on sale they are only $2.99/ea.

Make a Calm Down Kit! What great idea I wish I had years ago! I like the suggestion of having “Take 3 deep breaths, then count back from 10 before opening”.


I have not investigated this but I was told Costco has good quality puppets at a reasonable price.

Need more movement break ideas? Check out John Jacobson.


MI Posters


Song: Magnets


poems about magnets


This experiment for grade 2 magnets covers a number of MI.The Floating Paper Clip.

Sunday Ideas Welcomes You Back

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I hope everyone had a fantastic summer. I always find I have mixed emotions at this time of year. I’m excited to try out new things in the classroom but I will miss my carefree days of summer.


Div1Edtech has you covered for technology at the start of the new school year:


Some other blog posts that caught my over the summer:

Have a smartphone? Consider downloading a RSS Feed app. I am using Feedly. You can subscribe to a blog’s RSS. The app will give you a quick summary of all the blogs you follow. It’s like reading headlines. Then you pick what jumps out at you to read in more depth. This blog posts, 151 Leading Sites for Elementary Educatorswould be a good place to start collecting blogs to follow.


I’ll end with my favourite Twitter quote from the summer from @mathhombre: New group noun proposal: a diversity of students.
Enjoy your new school year!

Safety, Integration and a Top 20 List

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I hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend (extra long for some of us)!

Digital Safety Information For Parents
An online presentation for parents about digital safety and social media. I like that it explains what some of the common social media sites do, what hash tags are (and do) and the age recommendations. I recommend teachers who are unclear about some of the ins and outs of social media watch this as well.

Using OR Integrating Technology? 
A nice visual about the difference between USING technology and INTEGRATING technology. There is a difference! 🙂

20 Great Websites For Elementary Educators
Found this list “20 Great Websites For Elementary Educators” at I have added my own (usually) brief comments about each.

  • – an online teacher store for digital content… money required
  • – free educational games, online books, and comics.
  • –  technology-based online educational activities; has advertisements and limits to access content unless you upgrade to a paid membership.
  •  – not familiar with this but from a breif poke around it has free and inexpensive  games, printables, interactives to elementary educators.
  • – has interactive educational activities. I used this site years ago but have not been back in a while. Nice to see it is updated now but sad to see that he has added a cost element and advertising.
  • – basically YouTube for teachers so while there is advertising it is usually related to education. I used to use it more in the past but find many educators use YouTube.
  • – new to me, looks like a one stop shop for app reviews across multiple platforms.
  • – another new site for me. I think it might be a bit like storify? They say “Use Learnist to share what you know. Create a Learn Board on a subject you understand and add ‘learnings’ by pointing to existing web videos, blogs, images and documents.”
  • – For ESL/ELL students
  • – use this for digital storytelling
  • – from what I can tell, it is a bunch of colouring pages.
  • (Animal Planet) videos!
  • – Phonics worksheets, free printable phonics workbooks; you can customize your own – human anatomy
  • –  learn about the world’s endangered animals, plants and fungi – it is freely accessible to everyone
  • – free online math games
  • – love this site
  • – EPSB staff get this through SchoolZone.


New Distribution List

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EPSB went Google this weekend. As a result I had to recreate my Sunday Ideas distribution list. Please leave a comment (your email address will be visible to only me) at any point if you wish to start receiving these emails.  

For those working at EPSB. Welcome to your first week of Going Google! 🙂

And now for the ideas: 
YouTube Playlist – I made a short playlist of videos to use as a technology centre to show what Saskatoon looks like. As an EPSB staff member, you already have a YouTube account and you too can make playlists! My Saskatoon Playlist
Div1 Edtech in EPSB – new post about movement in the technology classrooom
A (grade one teacher) colleague of mine went to a Smartboard PD recently and came back with a list of websites she found useful. Here they are below hyperlinked for easy access: – Kids Educational Computer Games and Activities
Super Teacher Tools – variety of review games, classroom management software, and other miscellaneous tools for educators
Mrs. Meacham’s Classroom Snapshots (calendar math for K-2)
TES iBoard (FYI – 30 days free and then you need to pay)
StoryBots – videos for letters A-Z
BGRS Engaging Students (Black Gold Regional Schools)
Newseum – headlines and news from around the world
Project Gutenberg (this link takes you to Children’s Literature Bookshelf)
Hot Documentaries – watch free documentaries online
Flocabulary – rap videos for LA and Math. Paid site, has a free trial option
I hope everyone enjoyed the wonderful weather this weekend! 

Earth Day

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What A Wonderful World with David Attenborough

LearnAlberta’s Earth Day Ideas


Favourited Things from Twitter

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I have favourited a lot of things on Twitter to go back and investigate when I have more time. I sat down today and finally looked at some of them. In no particular order, here are  some things I think are worth sharing: