Why Are Technology Teacher Leaders Needed?

So why are tech savvy teachers needed? Well, let start with the Alberta Information and Communication curriculum is required teaching. The front matter of the curriculum states the following: “The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) curriculum provides students with a broad perspective on the nature of technology, how to use and apply a variety of technologies, and the impact of information and communication technologies on themselves and on society. The ICT curriculum is not intended to stand alone, but rather to be infused within core courses and programs.” 

Perhaps I should have used the phrase “we’ll do the legwork for you” in my earlier post.  Many teachers are not sure where to start when it comes to new technology and they want it to be effective.  Integrating technology is required, as indicated in the above paragraph, it is not optional. Lead  technology teachers help so that the time students spend in front of a computer, netbook and laptop IS efficient and educational. That help may mean that if we think that a lesson/idea/technique would be something our class would benefit from, we could use it with our class. Then we can share how that lesson went with others interested in the same topic or skill. However it could also mean that we do some research about topics and provide suggestions and draft a lesson plan for those who want some assistance. It could also mean we reach out to find someone who has used that lesson/idea/technique and we can get their feedback. It does not mean we will try anything and everything with our students.


~ by mondor on April 3, 2012.

2 Responses to “Why Are Technology Teacher Leaders Needed?”

  1. Great points. Lead teachers can be mentors as they model great strategies. Most teachers working today didn’t have any models for this kind of teaching.

  2. Well said! It is a truly talented and exceptional teacher that is willing to try new techniques, tools and practices in order to enhance the education of their students. It is essential in education that we have teachers who are willing to try new things, and are experienced enough to ensure their students are learning. A good teacher is able to adjust to the needs of their students. Traditional teaching methods can fail just as easily as new methods depending on the class, so it is great to see that there are teaching working toward improving education, not just for their own class, but for all students and teachers.

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