Safety, Integration and a Top 20 List

I hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend (extra long for some of us)!

Digital Safety Information For Parents
An online presentation for parents about digital safety and social media. I like that it explains what some of the common social media sites do, what hash tags are (and do) and the age recommendations. I recommend teachers who are unclear about some of the ins and outs of social media watch this as well.

Using OR Integrating Technology? 
A nice visual about the difference between USING technology and INTEGRATING technology. There is a difference! 🙂

20 Great Websites For Elementary Educators
Found this list “20 Great Websites For Elementary Educators” at I have added my own (usually) brief comments about each.

  • – an online teacher store for digital content… money required
  • – free educational games, online books, and comics.
  • –  technology-based online educational activities; has advertisements and limits to access content unless you upgrade to a paid membership.
  •  – not familiar with this but from a breif poke around it has free and inexpensive  games, printables, interactives to elementary educators.
  • – has interactive educational activities. I used this site years ago but have not been back in a while. Nice to see it is updated now but sad to see that he has added a cost element and advertising.
  • – basically YouTube for teachers so while there is advertising it is usually related to education. I used to use it more in the past but find many educators use YouTube.
  • – new to me, looks like a one stop shop for app reviews across multiple platforms.
  • – another new site for me. I think it might be a bit like storify? They say “Use Learnist to share what you know. Create a Learn Board on a subject you understand and add ‘learnings’ by pointing to existing web videos, blogs, images and documents.”
  • – For ESL/ELL students
  • – use this for digital storytelling
  • – from what I can tell, it is a bunch of colouring pages.
  • (Animal Planet) videos!
  • – Phonics worksheets, free printable phonics workbooks; you can customize your own – human anatomy
  • –  learn about the world’s endangered animals, plants and fungi – it is freely accessible to everyone
  • – free online math games
  • – love this site
  • – EPSB staff get this through SchoolZone.


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