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    1. Bank of Imagination:
    2.  Have you thought about a classroom without desks?
    4.   Do you teach how to filter/sort, and keep mailbox clean?
    5. Rrrewind is a Wayback Machine for Social Media gr8 way to teach #digitalfootprint to students. kids need to know cons
    6. Glogster tutorial on Youtube
    7. Translated written and audio family violence resources have been developed and are available to order free of charge. New AB Ed website – fabulous resources are available in many different languages as indicated Thanks Andrea.
    8.  Only played around with it a little – good for computer cards100 Digital Storytelling Tools for Your Digital Selves search engines for ESL learners
    9. – Create Flash for your Class!
    10. Videos
    11. Learning style survey
    12. Nothing new here, but a refresher on Twelve Active Learning Strategies
    14. An oldie but a goodie
    15. printable certificates that you can modify.
    16. CrosswordCreator, WordSearchMaker & WorksheetGenerator:
    17. 10 Teacher Development Task for Web 2.0 Tools
    18. 7 Things to Remember about Brain Compatible Learning –
    19.   For “new” teachers
    20. · · Starfall· Count Us In· Instant Poetry Forms· Puzzlemaker· Worthwhile Web Sites for Learning
    21. I4C (Internet4Classrooms)
    22. The Education Society
    23. Quintura Kids·
    24. Read Please· · Free Rice· Virtual Museum of Canada ·  First School Years· Some things found as I follow other educators on Twitter
    25. How to Keep Kids Engaged in Class –
    26. · Top 100 Tools for Learning 2009
    27. · Make your own magazine cover
    28. · Another online dictionary
    29. · graphic organizers
    30.  Soungle: Search Engine for Sound Effects:
    31. (not educational) 50 time-saving Google Docs templates:
    33. SafeShare.TV: removes distracting / offensive ads from around YouTube videos:
    34. Twitter resources for teachers – a compilation –
    35. You need an account but likely can access info through learning A-Z site – Thanks for the link Kathie!
    36. Curriki – 5 virtual field trips –  
    37.  A-Z of ICT Terms for younger students:
    38. – almost exactly what I did with my kids, wish I had found it during that unit! Do you have more grade 2 social stuff?
    39. 100 Helpful Web Tools for Every Kind of Learner:
    40.  I need to investigate this but here is the link so you can too – Use Grooveshark to create playlists for use in the classroom! Here is an example 
    41. Here’s a secret code!
    42. collection Interactive Websites for Math & Literacy!
    44. 15 Coolest Google Earth Finds:
  1. How to do research, for classroom use!:
  2.  Kidsclick! Web search for kids by librarians.
  5. Paperless Classroom Ideas
  6.  Lesson Design using Wordle: A Pre/Post Class Assessment for Learning
  7.   A good reminder – Represent yourself in social media the same way you would in person
  8. 10 things that will be obsolete in education by 2020
Alberta Teachers’ Association (links updated/checked Mar 2011)
The provincial website:
The Edmonton Public Local website:

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