Mathematics – General and M4All

General (or multiple concepts)  (links updated/checked Sept 2010)

Math Manipulatives (links updated/checked Sept 2010)


Open-Ended Assessment in Math

How Many Different Ways Can You Make Snow?

Interactive Websites

Starter of the Day – a range of mathematical puzzles, speed tests and creative ideas to use as a set for a math lesson.

Countdown Math Investigations (Countdown Numbers Game and Countdown Letters Game) -from Woodlands Junior School

Maths Millionaire – review of multiple concepts -from Woodlands Junior School

Smartboard/Notebook Files

From Kent ICT – scroll down the the second half of the page for downloadable (you’ll have to unzip them) Notebook files for division one and two. Has links to interactive sites too. – math Smartboard lessons- some linked to Marian Small’s book


Card Maths Investigation – an interactive probability card game -from Woodlands Junior School

Number Operations

Broken Calculator -Number operations (calculator) review from Woodlands Junior School


Shockwave Clock


Primarily for grade 1s: putting numbers in order à


This activity is for grade 1s: à

There are lots of other good activities on this website, great for other grade levels too!

Number Operations:

For any grades in elementary. Multiplication and division for div 2. Highly recommended. (this one is for using/practicing mental math for grade 1 & 2)

The link is for the jet skis game, but tugboat or island chase math would be fun as they are multiplayer games you can play against other students in the class or

whoever is online.

For single player games check out alien math or minus mission.

Patterns and Relations

Measurement (mass)/Problem solving

Statistics and Probability

Counting and analyzing graphs

Math Sites – Not Yet Sorted (links updated/checked Jan 2011)

·         A project centered around math skills w/ the use of Google Maps.
·         Math Worksheets generator

·         Interactive Math Games – Searchable by topic

·         worksheets

·         Interactive Resources

·         Mathematics Tie-ins

·         Math Facts Cafe

·         The Teachers Guide: SmartBoard Resource Sites for Math and Literacy.

·         Visual Math Learning for elementary & pre-algebra students

·         Teacher Tools – Best Sites for Interactive Math Content:

·         skip counting websites and

·         Interactive 100s chart:

·         Learnalberta math “under the sea” –

·         worksheet generator

·         Math lessons for Smart Board by Scholastic

·         Caterpillar Count – Counting Forward by 5s

·         Addition and Subtraction Riddles

·         Hundred chart stuff

·         Math Games For Skills and Concepts

·         Teaching Math through Money:

·         Make your own money worksheets –

Place Value
Big Numbers

Comparing Numbers








SchoolTube – GCF video calculator   Factor Tree LCM and GDF game


Cookie Dough (number writing practice)

Classroom Activities You will be researching the answer to the questions below. You need to answer at least 5 questions but you can answer them all if you wish.

  1. What is the largest number or do numbers go on forever?
  2. What is this number called: 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 also can be shown as 1027.
  3. Is nonillion a number?
  4. What is infinity?
  5. Is there really such a thing as a zillion?
  6. What comes after a googol?
  7. How do you describe a googolplex?

Statistics and Probability

Data Analysis/STATISTICS


Easy –

More Challenging –

Pictogram Graph

Create A Graph!

Data Picking

interpreting data

Chance and Uncertainty/PROBABILITY

Is your word to be or not to be??


Fish Probability

Probability Activity – great for review

In my role as the Math4All coach at my school, I share the activities we do in our coaching sessions. So I have turned four of them into Notebook files.

Notebook Files

1. NIMble Number (grades 2, 3, 4)

2. The [Product] Game (grades 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) – it includes the Sum Game

3. Goodie Bags (grades 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

4. Two Digit Pickle (grade 2) based on Decimal Point Pickle  (grade 5 and 6) by Math Hombre.

Basic Resources for math teachers with EPSB

1. Program of Studies

2. Differences between the WNCP CCF and the POS for Alberta.

3. Quest A+ Provincial Achievement Test practice

4. LearnAlberta

5. Online Reference Centre

6. Interactive mathematics glossary


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