Science (links updated/checked Oct. 2010)

Animals (Life Cycles)

Animal Facts – animal fact sheets produced by the Young People’s Trust for the Environment
Zoobooks – kid-friendly website about animals.
Critter Corner – all about mammals, reptiles, insects amphibians, fish, insects

Insects for Kids

The Bug Club

Information About Pigs

Life Cycle of Frogs

Butterfly Life Cycle

Life cycle of beavers

All About Ants

Antarctica Penguins

The Life Cycle of a Snake

Lion Facts

Weird and Amazing Animals Facts

Miss Mondor has her own video on TeacherTube now! Take a look at the caterpillar I saw!

Online Research for your Report
  1. Select All About Animals and click on “Find Out More”. In the bottom right hand corner type your animal in the search field. It may NOT have any information.
  2. Select Animal Facts and scroll down until you see the name of the animal you are researching. It is in alphabetical order.
  3. Select Zoobooks and look at the bottom right part of the page. When you click on search a new page will open. Type the name of the animal you are researching. You will be given a list of articles about the animal.
  4. Select Critter Corner . Select the type of animal you are researching (for example, reptile). Or, at the top right corner there is a search field. Type the name of the animal you are researching.

Endangered Animals Sites

Building Things and Testing Materials

Characteristics of Materials

Span It

Build A Bridge

Traffic Cams of Bridges and Tunnels

Wonderville – Build A Tipi (choose Interactive Activities)

Build A Beast

Confederation Bridge (view from PEI)

Engineer It – Structures

Engineer It – Test a paddle boat

Building Related Words Dictionary

PBS Design Squad – Build a Paper Table

Hearing and Sound

How The Ear Works – video

American Sign Language Browser

Sound Site – Vocal Cords vibrating

Match the Sounds Game

The Magic School Bus Gets an Earful sound game!

Wonderville – How We Hear (choose Interactive Activities)

Sound Waves and Frequency Video

Sound is Energy

What is a Wave??

Play a Piano

Play a piano and see the frequency!

Changing Sounds

Sound (pitch and loudness)

video about sound

Try some experiements at home about sound and noise.

Ocean Odyssey

Science Lab Games

Rocks and Minerals

Finding Fossils

Getting into the fossil record

Wonderville (Fossil Fabricator)

The Fossil Mystery


Industrial Minerals Around the House site for INTERNET ACTIVITY: YOUR DAILY MINERALS

Rocks in Everyday Life

National Geographic Kids


Become a Rock Expert! (Rock Hounds)

Picture puzzle about the Earth’s layers. (Rock Hounds)

Fluorescent Minerals: These glow in ultraviolet light.


The Dirt on Soil

Classifying Rocks

Classifying means sorting rocks.


What is a hardness scale




Igneous Rocks

Virtual Rock Box – Igneous Rocks

Metamorphic Rocks

Virtual Rock Box – Metamorphic Rocks

Sedimentary Rocks

Virtual Rock Box – Igneous Rocks

The Rock Cycle


How to Identify Minerals: Luster


Minerals – Cleavage and Fracture

Streak Colour


Mineral Streak Test

Crystal Shape

Crystal Systems

Weather Watch

Trees and Forests

Sky Science

Your job today is to make a mini book on one of the constellations visible in our hemisphere (northern). Use the link below to help you. You can control the level of reading difficulty to help you.

Science Comics


Evidence and Investigation

About the FBI (American)

Forensic Science Activities

Forensic Science

The Why Files: The Science of Crime

Discovery School: Archaeological Detectives


Fingerprints Totally Explained

Fingerprints (ZOOM)


Fingerprinting background

Fingerprints: Gimme Five

How Fingerprint Scanners Work

Composite Drawings

The Art of Crime Detection

Footprints, Tracks and Shoeprints

Casting Animal Tracks

Solving Mysteries

Virtual Museum – Interactive Investigator!

Cretaceous Crime Scene

Who Did It? (using a police database students study clues and uncover the criminals)

Who Dunnit?

Air and Aerodynamics and Flight

Lesson Plans

3M Science of Everyday Life – inquiry-based lessons address key areas of life science, physical science, earth science, and technology/innovation using common materials you can find in your classroom.

Websites – GeneralG

EPA Environmental Kids Club

Science Alberta Foundation

Small Animals (including insects)

FOSSWeb – Insect Hunt (for young students)


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